Personal consultation with qualified and experienced staff in major cities throughout Asia by email, visits, phone, internet messaging


Valuable resources offered through a monthly newsletter, secure member website, and at AERC resource centers with libraries housing books and teaching materials


Family Education Conferences where specialists offer training and consultation on educating and discipling TCKs


Testing services, including basic standardized tests, specialized individual tests, and diagnostic testing

The Asia Education Resource Consortium (AERC) exists to meet the educational needs of many ex-patriate families living in Asia. It provides important support and targeted services through a network of regional conferences, family consultations, testing services, resource centers, and online resources. Members can learn more about AERC by logging in and visiting the various pages of this web site.

AERC was formed in 2001 by a group of like-minded agencies and schools to support ex-pat families serving throughout Asia.

Over the years, AERC has grown as a network of educational consultants and resource centers strategically placed throughout the region to serve its member families.

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