Membership in AERC is open to like-minded agencies and families located in Asia, working in countries other than their passport country.

Agency sponsorship: Like-minded organizations can become a sponsor of AERC. Sponsorship gives the agency a seat on the AERC board and includes a sponsorship fee of $1,200 per year. Some sponsoring agencies are opting for a special agency membership fee that comes with free memberships for a certain number of families. Normal organizational membership will be USD $1,200, and for 1-12 free Families it will be $1600, and for free 13-25 Families it will be $1900. Check with your agency about whether they are part of this opportunity.

Membership fees for families: The annual family membership fee is $100 per individual family or $75 per family from sponsoring agencies. This provides families with:

  • Access to AERC consultants in several Asian countries
  • Resources located in AERC resource centers in Asia – on a library lending system
  • Discounts when attending Family Education conferences
  • Discounts on testing services
  • Access to the members only section of the website:
  • Key articles on education and TCK issues
  • Announcements about conferences and events
  • Connections to other helpful websites
  • Information about consultants, resource centers and how to connect with them

Teachers/Tutors Membership: As a support to families, we want to enrich and support teachers that teach in remote locations and unique settings. Therefore, AERC is pleased to invite teachers of one-room schools or homeschooling co-ops to join AERC and receive member benefits. Cost is the same as above for families.

For further information about membership in AERC, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..