Asia Education Resource Consortium (AERC) was established in May, 2001, by ten sending agencies to provide assistance and support to ex-pat families serving across Asia.

Organizations perceived the needs of families in educating their children, and international schools in Asia desired to share resources in helping meet these needs. Following the successful first Family Education Conference in 1999, the idea to form an ongoing educational support consortium began. Successive Family Education Conferences were conducted annually in Thailand, until AERC was officially established and began sponsoring conferences in Korea, Hong Kong and China as well as Thailand.

From the beginning, AERC established resource centers staffed with consultants. Each center contains resources and provides testing services for families. Several centers have now been developed as AERC resource centers with full time consultants. Other centers are in conjunction with schools.

Consultants travel across Asia to bring AERC services closer to families. Each of the AERC consultants and staff members possesses different skills and comes from different backgrounds, but they desire to provide competent, caring educational help and support to families.

The initiative of our first executive director was instrumental in the development of AERC. She served as the Interim Director from 2001-2005. The contributions of schools and organizations throughout the Asia region and assistance from SHARE Education Services were also important in the creation of AERC.

Martha Macomber was appointed as Executive Director in 2005. She brought a rich background in education, cross cultural experience, and administration.

Jan Bentley was appointed Executive Director in 2011, coming from a background of international classroom teacher, administrator, consultant and assistant director for AERC.

The collaboration of a number of agencies has resulted in an organization whose purpose is to support and equip families to meet the educational needs of their children in cross-cultural settings and to prepare their children for life-long learning and discipleship. AERC is here to serve families.