Meeting the educational needs of expat families serving in Asia is crucial to their well‐being and longevity overseas. AERC was specifically created to provide critically needed services and support to these families who are using nontraditional educational methods such as home schooling, national schools, or online schooling to educate their children.

AERC was established in May 2001 and is a partnership of agencies working in Asia. The Board is composed of member agency representatives.

Mission Statement: AERC will partner with agencies and schools in providing services for Christian worker families in Asia to meet the educational needs of their children through a network of information, materials, counsel and support.

AERC will come alongside parents to assist them to:

  • Evaluate educational options for their children and understand their long‐term implications
  • Choose and use national schools successfully
  • Address homeschooling issues and concerns
  • Use technology in their children’s education
  • Address second language and ESL issues
  • Assist students with special learning needs
  • Understand third culture kid issues and prepare for their children’s transition and reentry experiences

AERC provides support through:

  • Highly qualified educational consultants
  • Testing services
  • Resource centers
  • Home visits
  • Area Conferences